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Pharmaceutical trials are conducted to prove the efficacy of the drug, to estimate the best dosage and make sure that the discovered adverse events will be much less critical than the benefits for patients. Pharma trials can investigate not only drugs, but medical devices as well. In the last several years medical devices became very popular among pharmaceutical research companies. New gadgets are designed to track mostly every feature of a human nature: from the blood pressure to the specificity of dead skin cells, from the cholesterol level to your eyes humidity.

At the moment pharma research is attracted by the different diagnostics devices. And its center of attention is tools for oncology recognition. Oncology diseases get ‘younger’ every year. Generally only an early detection can save person’s life.

The investigation of the drug’s features is not finished with the end of a clinical trial. Pharmacovigilance (sometimes called PV or PhV) is aimed to collect, detect, monitor and prevent of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products which are already available on the market. Recent changes in legislation obliged the pharmaceutical companies to provide pharmacovigilance activities for their drugs. It can also be done by contract research organizations, such as OCT. We coordinate and centralize all safety issues and all pharmacovigilance tasks to perform the management of safety information during the course of a clinical trial. Our expertise guarantees that all safety information (Serious Adverse Event (SAE) and other cases) is collected and reported to the appropriate individuals and organizations within the required timelines on all studies we conduct for our clients. 150 team professionals of OCT have a significant experience in this area.  

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