Investigators Meeting in Florence

Investigators Meeting in Florence
Investigators meeting in Florence OCT Project Manager and CRAs and Russian MDs-investigators took part in the Investigators Meeting in beautiful Florence for an international randomized Phase III pediatric clinical trial of a new treatment in infants with colitis.

This exciting meeting brought together up to a hundred participants from different countries: Russia, Poland, USA, Germany and Sweden. OCT hopes to do a fantastic job in this pediatric trial having a great potential to finish enrollment on time or ahead of planned time. What is more OCT works with the leading pediatric sites in Russia, who have great experience in clinical research and who showed great results in previous trials initiated by OCT.

It was a great chance for all participants to meet face-to-face with the investigators performing this challenging pediatric study, learn more about each other's work, explore the possibility of engaging in collaborative work, and discuss protocol specific subjects directly with the Sponsor. Trial Sponsor, a global pharmaceutical company, has gathered all the doctors and CRO team together at marvelous Westin Hotel so that all the details of the study protocol can be reviewed and everyone's questions get answered. A global multicenter trial demands such an engaging investigator meeting to train and motivate personnel and to provide investigative sites with solutions to problems that may arise in implementing the study protocol.

Location of a meeting was another perk for Investigators. Evening walk around Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and center of Italian Renaissance, was a pleasant continuation of this successful Investigators Meeting.

OCT Project Manager engaged in this project said “We are extremely pleased to be involved in this very important project. Our regulatory expertise in Russia, coupled with our experience in pediatric studies will ensure we can deliver this trial successfully. OCT last pediatric project involved 6 sites in Russia. Those sites enrolled 600 children”.