OCT named #1 CRO in 2016

According to the Association of Clinical Trials Organizations (ACTO), OCT tops the list of all Russian CROs for amount of obtained approvals of clinical and bioequivalence trials in 2016.

The authors counted the total number of the projects, initiated by Russian and foreign sponsors. Within the past year, OCT’s team has completed 32 clinical trials, including projects in oncology, infection diseases and others. A total of 23 clinical research organizations performed local studies in 2016.

OCT President Dmitry Sharov comments: “OCTs’ recognition as the leading outsourcing clinical trials provider in Russia is an honor that the company shares with its employees and its clients. Increasing numbers of international multicenter studies evidence the high quality of clinical data, which local service companies can provide today”.

According to ACTO Newsletter, 2016 was marked with an 11,6% growth of all approvals of the Ministry of Health. The authors stresses, that in accordance with the register of the Ministry of Health, the international status was held by 319 clinical trials, while the ACRO Newsletter marked only 302 projects as international: ‘We recognize trial as an international one in case we find the information about it in American or European registers. If we don’t find it in the listed registers or we have other reasons for reconsidering the trial status, we admit study as a local one’.