Minister of Industry and Trade offers to support international clinical trials in domestic medicines

Last week, during a meeting of the Government Import Substitution Commission, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov proposed several changes to the program for development of the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

He stressed that to date this support is implemented through grant funding under the State Program. “The effectiveness of these measures is demonstrated by the fact that in 2015 sales of 17 drugs, which were developed and produced with state assistance, exceeded budget costs by 28 times. Moreover, Russian domestic pharmaceuticals are cost-effective both for average consumers and public authorities. Year budgetary savings for Imatinib and Rituximab amounted to 6.5 billion rubles,” comments Mr. Manturov.

Many projects are implemented at the expense of the companies willing to obtain an advantage in public procurements. “In this regard, we believe it is reasonable to transfer a portion of funds from the Industry State Program to the Industrial Development Fund to provide repayable financial support to the most promising pharmaceutical projects in terms of international clinical trials. This will contribute to the promotion of domestic medicines in foreign markets,” says the Minister.

According to Mr. Manturov, a substantial amount of medicines (more than 200 drug products) are still imported from other countries. He also noted that more than half of them will be substituted by Russian equivalents in the upcoming two years.

Source: Pharmvestink