OCT has been awarded with a phase I/II study in oncology

We initiated  activities to launch this trial in 5 sites in Russia. This will be a  multi-center study in patients with advanced solid tumors.

OCT has been awarded with a phase I/II study in oncology. We initiated activities to launch this trial in 5 sites in Russia. This will be a multi-center study in patients with advanced solid tumors. The leading specialized oncology sites in Moscow and St-Petersburg will be involved in the trial to enroll patients with the needed indications. The choice of the sites is based on our prior experience with investigators who showed excellent results in early stage trials conducted by OCT. These sites showed stable patient recruitment and good quality of data in previous solid tumor based oncology trials. OCT President said, “We plan to share our experience in oncology with this new client. We fully understand the importance of this trial to this young company.”

Since 2005 OCT has gained extensive experience in oncology trials. OCT has expertise in various oncology indications including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, head and neck cancer, endometrial cancer, etc. Today OCT can provide full range of services for our clients starting with Protocol design and finishing with Final report. We have managed early stage and late stage oncology trials spanning a full spectrum of therapies, geographies, endpoints and indications.

Since its foundation, OCT have established a developed network of sites and investigators in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Bulgaria with whom OCT constantly coordinate the process of clinical trials conduct. Due to our valuable experience, OCT are able to predict enrollment rate in the study with 99 % confidence.

It is also important that through close relations with the study sites OCT know in advance which issues concerning study equipment, concomitant medication availability, etc might arise during the course of the study.

We understand the requirements for successful trials and have the necessary expertise to find the right patient populations in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe.

OCT Project Managers and Clinical Research Associates at OCT have been trained in oncology trials and are highly professional to lead oncology clinical trials.