OCT Clinical, an Eastern European CRO expands further into European countries

OCT Clinical, the leading CRO in Russia, continues its expansion into Eastern and Central Europe, with Estonia, Croatia and the Netherlands becoming a part of their global operational coverage. With a stream of new projects, the CRO has been forming new partnerships with major local laboratories, scientific sites and service companies within the listed countries. These collaborations contribute to an impeccable quality of research and provide global services for Phase I-IV and BE studies for international sponsors under the OCT banner without the risk entailed by acquisition or the cost of setting up in-country operations.

The importance of presence in an international arena cannot be overemphasized, as to date a growing number of U.S. pharmaceutical and biotech companies are starting to gain interest in conducting clinical trials overseas. Among the most compelling drivers for a new trial location search in non-core countries are the access to potentially eligible study subjects, including some complex and specific trials, faster project timelines and significant cost-saving options. 

Each region and country has its own unique benefits and challenges, but strong expertise and focus on quality allow OCT to provide a full range of CRO services, including medical writing, consultancy, project management/monitoring, data management/biostatistics and turnkey service for clinical development. Today, the Eastern European CRO can take pride in its worldwide network with operations in more than 14 countries and more than 300 projects in the portfolio. This makes OCT Clinical a solid partner for drug developers and medical research institutions across a number of global locations.

January 28th, 2020
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