[Webinar]: Choosing the Right CRO: Global or Local? Here’s What to Consider 

Your drug is ready for clinical trials. Your next step is choosing the right CRO.
Both global and local CROs may know FDA regulations cold, but what about speed… quality… budget. Three key factors to consider in choosing your CRO.
Get help to make this important decision. It won’t cost you a nickel!

Mark your calendar for a free webinar from OCT, the leading CRO in Eastern and Central Europe. Irina Petrova MD, director of clinical operations, will guide you by sharing insights:
• Factors to consider: global reach, local regulatory expertise, brand recognition, speed of decision-making, advanced technologies and competitive pricing – to select a CRO
• Survey results: pharma-CRO relationships and how most pharma firms are unsatisfied with their experiences
• 7 case studies: choosing a CRO from therapeutic areas including oncology, rheumatology, urology and more

Choosing the right CRO (or CROs) can make or break clinical trial success. You owe it to your organization — and your own career — to choose wisely. Take advantage of this free valuable session.

Register now for the FREE sponsored webinar from OCT. Choose the time that works best for you — 6:00 a.m. EDT or 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Link for registration here.

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