What did you miss at ASCO? Quick overview by OCT

For years ASCO, the world's leading clinical oncology annual meeting, has been a highlight in the biopharma calendar for professionals researching treatment methods. And this one was no different. Why? The pace of cancer research is so dynamic, that even within a span of one year a lot happens.

Among the issues covered at the largest annual meeting of cancer specialists there were discussions held on research breakthroughs in cancer treatment and prevention, pediatric oncology, breast cancer, lung cancer, sarcoma, transplantation in the older patient with multiple myeloma, managing high risk-myeloma in older patients.

As expected, a regulator’s standpoint has not been sidestepped either. FDA announced its intention on making new cancer treatments easier to get and helping the overall process along.

Additionally, experts also put forward valuable insights on some relatively new yet developing topics, such as wearable devices and remote monitoring of oncology patients outside the healthcare environment.

«There was a lot of impactful data. All participants are forward thinking experts, that contribute to and advance the field, since only together we can deepen our knowledge of the disease and make a transformational improvement in cancer care» — Anna Lineva, OCT Business Development Manager.

It is worth mentioning, that ASCO is supported by the Conquer Cancer Foundation, its affiliate organization, which funds innovative research and programs that make an applicable and meaningful difference in the lives of people battling cancer.

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