BIO KOREA 2019: global trends in biotechnology and clinical research

OCT delegation has successfully completed their business trip to attend BIO KOREA conference that took place in Seoul on April, 17-19.  One of the world's leading biotechnology events, BIO KOREA provides opportunities to domestic and overseas companies for extended cooperation in biopharma business and clinical research. The convention is supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea, Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) and Korea International Trade Association (KITA). 

Attended by about 700 companies and over 25,000 visitors, the event covered issues that included the latest trends in medical and pharmaceutical chemistry research and business. A three-day conference program was dedicated to the discussions of the most pressing biotechnology industry development issues. 

The first day of the convention was built mostly around general strategic issues of the future of clinical trials and global business development strategy for successful business expansion. Speakers also covered risk management approach application based on the high-risk infectious disease cases within the dedicated section and held a discussion on  drug development and clinical trials in immuno-oncology. 

During the second day, experts expanded on the cutting-edge technologies including global cell therapy trends and held a focused session on the application of cell therapy for the treatment of incurable diseases. It is also worth noting that the topics covered at BIO KOREA are in the limelight for most of the markets at the moment, including Eastern Europe and Russia   in particular. Earlier this spring, OCT have shared their expertise on the regulatory changes concerning stem cell technologies in Russia, with BioSpace.   

The third day program also featured innovative regenerative medicine practices discussion while touching on diagnostics innovation and clinical application of genome editing. 

“Bio Korea proved to be a very inspiring pharmaceutical event. The convention is a great platform to cover pertinent business issues relevant to the industry as well as cutting-edge trends. I was pleased to have very insightful talks with a number of colleagues and researchers representing industry key players, discuss the state, prospects and achievements of various areas of the bio industry, as well as issues of commercialization, investments and market policies. I hope the event will keep growing and gathering more experts for a fruitful exchange of experience and generation of innovative ideas”, – OCT Head of Business Development, Olga Ivanova commented. 

All in all, it was a great opportunity to get case-based overviews presented by the pioneering companies, learn technology trends among the leading international players and find out global development strategies of the local companies.

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