Lawmakers and regulators outlook on Clinical Trials in Russia

February 14th 6th Annual OCT Conference on Clinical Trials took place in Moscow in a form of panel sessions. The speaker roaster included such prominent figures as Philipp Romanov and Dmitry Goryachev (The Ministry of Health of Russia), Alexey Alekhin (The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia), Mark Murashko and Irina Kashirina (The Russian Export Center).

The key takeaways of the sessions included the following:

“When speaking about the current pharma industry landscape, the major development of the past several years is, without doubt, the uprise and the shaping of the stem cell products regulation and related clinical trials procedures." Dmitry Goryachev (The Ministry of Health of Russia) noted.

Alexey Martynov, Stem Cell Products Manufacturers Association Director, added that with the stem cell industry on the rise, there is an exponentially growing demand for the professionals in the field, therefore relevant courses are being included in the universities’ curriculum for students as well as professionals.

With Alexey Alekhin present during the discussion it was stressed that the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has been lending great support to the pharma manufacturers.

Filipp Romanov (Ministry of Health of Russia) stressed the importance of supporting the domestic manufacturers by the regulators: “As a part of the Program 2020 and Program 2030 the Ministry of Health of Russia have joint their efforts with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia on the issues of pharma export and clinical trials design in Russia as well as overseas.”

“In 2018 pharmaceuticals export exceeded USD 800 mln. But our goals are even more ambitious and by 2024 we plan to triple the export level” says Mark Murashko (The Russian Export Center).   

Watch video recap of the event.

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