45 thousand rubles to help a person get back to ordinary life

OCT wants to help those who do not have a home and invites its partners to support Nochlezhka, St. Petersburg’s oldest charity organization that has already saved thousands of lives.

Winter brings the most difficult and dangerous time for all people living on the streets.m To help those in need, more and more companies are sacrificing their New Year's corporate events to donate to charity instead. OCT has been doing it for many years.

“Last year we already helped Nochlezhka, and now we’re inviting our market partners to join us, since St. Petersburg has a lot of pharmaceutical manufacturers and vendors. 45 thousand rubles are enough to bring one person back to normal life, and this initiative is an amazing opportunity for companies to make the urban environment safer for those who are in need,” says Dmitry Sharov, OCT President.

Nochlezhka provides the homeless with shelter and food, assists with documents, work, social benefits and boarding facilities, searching for relatives, legal issues, etc. Today, there is almost 60 thousand homeless people living on the streets of St. Petersburg. Statistics show that people end up on the streets for a variety of reasons: for example, more than a third come to the big city in search of work and are deceived by their employer or get their belongings stolen.

“Earlier, in addition to OCT, we were supported by their industry colleagues, BIOCAD and Medicine St. Petersburg. In 2018, Nochlezhka plans to launch a vocational training project and to make the warming centre work for a whole year. These are ambitious plans, and corporate support is an important tool for helping those who are traditionally ignored by the society,” comments Viktoriya Ryzhkova, Nochlezhka Project Coordinator.