Case Study: Severe Neutropenia in Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer clinical trials are one of the therapeutic indications in which OCT has a very broad experience. OCT clinical team effectively manages site relationships, supports investigators and meets enrollment goals. In an international multicenter study of severe neutropenia in women with breast cancer OCT clinical operations team was challenged with qualifying 9 sites in Russia and 5 sites in Bulgaria.

This was a multinational study involving Russia, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria. OCTs strategy of ultra-fast startup has served us well allowing to enroll 156 patients in 2 countries versus 123 patients in 5 other countries. Recognizing the challenges in these type of clinical trials, OCT selected highly-experienced top-enroller investigators which was the guarantee to our success. No surprise, we exceeded all enrollment projections. OCT was able to complete recruitment of 156 patients within 6 months which was the highest enrollment rate among all participating countries.

Breast cancer study enrollment

Severe neutropenia