OCT vision / Mission and Values

Being at the frontier of medicinal products development and patients` access to new effective medicines for the sake of health and life, OCT perceives its goal in delivering high quality and timely organization and performance of clinical trials, which will help establishing a base for new products. The pharmaceutical market all over the world still requires certain new products in different therapeutic areas so patients get access to the newest and most effective treatments.

Prior to any project start, OCT assures the purpose, tasks and possible outcomes of the study comply with medicinal and ethical principles. Every trial to be initiated undergoes a thorough examination by the respective regulatory authorities in each OCT country of operation and the ethics committees. It is also important to assess the ratio between possible risks and expected benefits for the patient. Getting access to newest treatments can in some cases be of vital necessity for a patient.

OCT has become a reliable partner for numerous companies around the world (including the USA, the Russian Federation, Western and Central Europe, the CIS states, Eastern Europe, and Asia) in bringing high quality research in compliance with ICH GCP principles. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals stands sentinel over the benefit of improved health and successful life.