Irina Petrova, MD

Irina Petrova, MD

Clinical Operations Director

Irina Petrova has been with OCT as a Project Manager and as Director of Clinical Operations since 2007. Irina`s professional background is MD in Psychiatry. Irina graduated from Pavlov State Medical University, after that she took a post-graduate course in Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Before entering the sphere of clinical trials, Irina worked as a psychiatrist. Afterwards, she began to work as a CRA, soon she was promoted to Senior CRA. Having accumulated enough experience, she joined OCT as a Project Manager and then Director of Clinical Operations. During her work in the industry, Irina has gained rich experience in various therapeutic areas, which include: oncology, infectious diseases, oncohaematology, children diseases, endocrinology, internal diseases, rheumatology, neurology, surgery, cardiology, systematic diseases, gastroenterology, etc. All trials in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Bulgaria at OCT are supervised by Irina (starting from pre-clinical and ending with Phase IV studies). Irina received numerous trainings, including training in certain therapeutic areas at the corresponding medical institutions.

At OCT, Irina performs the functions of the controlling projects supervisor. Project Managers report to Irina the status of the ongoing projects. Irina is responsible for the overall vital questions resolution, she controls the performance of the staff. Irina also provides trainings for the new personnel. Workload of project managers, CRAs, coordinators is usually coordinated and distributed by Irina, as well.

Irina is very experienced, and this turns in good expertise in different aspects of clinical trials conduct: knowledge of local peculiarities, specifics of regulatory submission, selection of sites, data verification, trials design, procedures and the needed equipment, etc. These are also discussed with Sponsor, which allows timely and successful management of the trial.